Partick Farmers Market – the seafood bits!

I officially love going to the Farmers Market in Partick every other Saturday in the month – it’s brilliant! I always end up spending more than I planned but Saturday lunch is one seriously tasty affair so usually it’s ok. This week I was trying not to spend as much so I bought home some oysters from one of the seafood stalls. The guy opened them for me because in the past I’ve ended up cutting my fingers and bashing the oysters to mush trying to use a hammer – not clever!

I only bought 5 at 50p so £2.50 wasn’t bad for a wee random and zinc packed treat. The man selling them advised I just try them raw with lemon juice and tabasco sauce and I have to admit they were pretty yum. I ended up eating most of them though – Calum tried a very, very large oyster and did not enjoy the raw seafood experience. I’ll get him next time though – they are super good for you!

Other most delicious treats on the seafood stalls are the salmon pate which they all seem to sell.  The stall in the top right hand corner, next to the Lismore Pub is usually 2 for a fiver and it’s really good.  Mackeral pate is also fab and there are every other type of fish to buy.  I need to go back and get myself some ;)