The Good Life in Herefordshire

Had a fab weekend at home in Herefordshire and did plenty of fruit picking in Mum & Dad’s garden so lots of tasty treats to choose from. Had a quick visit to the Leominster Farmers Market in Corn Square and bought some strawberry wine from the St Anne’s Vineyard stall.  They had a great range of summer fruit wines but unlike the fab wine stall at the Partick Farmers Market – no tastings offered so that was no fun! A stall that did have tasters was the Cothi Valley Goats Cheese stall and it was worth it – really delicious creamy goats cheese from the Carmarthan based 240 head goat herd. Great thick lumps of cheese on offer so we bought a garlic Luddesdown Log which was amazing for a pre-dinner snack with oatcakes and Dad’s homemade curried  pickled onions. Yumyum! Annoyingly their website doesn’t seem to work so no link but they seem to have info on the Farmers Market in Wales site if you’re in need of a seriously tasty goats cheese.

So back to the fruit – my parents garden has plenty of fruit trees, some of which are are just starting to get some pears/ apples/ damsons so come September there should be a good harvest. The strawberries haven’t done as well this year but the blueberries, raspberries, redcurrents and blackcurrents are looking lovely.  Picked 3lb of redcurrents, 1lb of blackcurrents, a few raspberries, some peas, some broadbeans and a slightly tart 4lb of gooseberries in the sunshine at Yatton and here’s the evidence…

I can’t really take any credit for the treats that Mum conjured but we’ve got peas, carrots and potatos from the garden with our roast chicken tonight, gooseberry fool for pudding and hopefully a jar or two of redcurrent jelly before I go home to Glasgow. I’ve added the recipes for everything we made on here too so gooseberry fool and redcurrent jelly here so go for it!