Cottonrake Catering Bakery

Yumyum is back and how! Just had a wander down Byres Road and into Partick and stumbled upon a super cute little bakery on Hyndland Road.


The Cottonrake window display, full of delicious cakes and tasty treats was impossible to pass without buying something. Each handwritten name made your mouth water but the raspberry cottoncake took the biscuit, the deal was sealed when they had wee taster nibbles of cakes at the counter.

It also looked like they had some really nice looking savoury treats but I went with the raspberry cake and am about to settle down and eat it up with a hot steaming cup of tea. It’s raining in Glasgow but I think the afternoon just got brighter! Lovely wee shop with lovely staff – 5 yumyum’s out of five :)