Stockbridge farmers market, Edinburgh

This morning I had the very delicious pleasure of going to Stockbridge street market in Edinburgh.  Think tasty, beautiful looking, not terribly cheap, Edinburgh nosh and you’ve got it.   We were sold on finding the Scotch Egg lady – to go down in history as one of the tastiest hangover treats ever.  And… hurrah, she was there, with her lovely, eggs wrapped in a thin layer of black pudding and another of breadcrumb – FRIED! DELICIOUS!

There were lots of tasters which is always a winner although I probably overdid the banoffe fudge, chilli sauce and naan bread followed by mini smoked salmon sarnies – all fabulous though. The salmon was a total winner so I bought a yummy peppered smoked salmon, and fresh asparagus for tea.  An almond croissant for the train ride home and I officially love the Stockbridge Market :)

Check the pics below for some foodie awesomness!

Above: Amazing Scotch egg of glory – go to this market and seek it out!

Above: Super McTasty Bombay Street Kitchen delicious

Above; They bill this as ‘Lovely paella’ on the sign – and I believe them!

Above: Award winning salmon from Dunkeld? Yes please :)

Above: Lemon, blueberry and raspberry cupcakes make me happy :)

Above: As do French pastries!