Thai lunch at the Kitsch Inn in Glasgow

Well, when it comes down to it and it’s lunchtime, it’s raining and it’s nearly the end of October – why hold back on the lunchtime window of opportunity to forget your troubles and eat hot food, on a seat instead of scrunched up at your desk as another email flies at you.  Phew long sentence but hurrah! We’re there.

Today was one such day and although planning a trip to grab a baked potato and head back to work with it, walking past Tiki Bar Emily and I decided, on a total whim to just jolly well try the lunch menu in the Kitsch Inn above Tiki.  First off, it was dead – really, just us and the guy behind the bar but he was friendly and the menu looked delicious.  £8 for two courses isn’t too shabby when it’s really freshly cooked food in very cute Blue Hawaii decor. I picked the prawn tempura as my wee starter and Thai green curry for my main – Ems went for satay chicken and the Massaman beef curry.  We got prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce as a snack with our drinks (soft, naturally – it’s midday for goodness sake!) and the food didn’t take too long before it was served up on a plate together ala the photograph below.

You only get two of the starter pieces and we shared so I got to try  both – the prawn was really great – utterly recommended  shame there weren’t five on my plate!

The mains were also very, very delicious – not too spicy (although the guy did say there was spicier stuff on the menu), it was the perfect antidote to a really miserable Wednesday.

I’m not sure how long the place has been open but it was a shame to see it so quiet – another table of 3 came in as we were finishing up but considering how good the food was – it should be rammed.

I couldn’t recommend the Kitsch Inn more, in fact I made my first recommendation literally minutes after getting back to the office so if you like Thai food, you like quick, fresh, tasty Thai food – then please, by all means.  Get your lunch at the Kitsch Inn sometime soon.  I didn’t even get the joke in the name until I repeated it out loud this evening.  The kitchen at the Kitsch Inn is kitsch and delicious!

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