Lunch at Taste in Glasgow

When, like myself you technically only get half an hour to lunch in – timing and location is of prime importance.  Important as these factors are however, you still want to guarantee some serious deliciousness to break up the day right?!

So, although I am often to be found eating at my desk – at least once a week I venture out with lovely lunching company and frequent the lunch stops near Bath Street.

My recent yummy discovery was the Kitsch Inn which practically opposite my office is frankly the tits.  You can read about that one here Kitsch Inn (Thai and delicious).

I can’t really write a post about lunch without mentioning Taste. Based on Sauchiehall Street and about to feature in a documentary by the maker of the Scheme, Taste has been open for about 18 months.  I’ve never been anywhere where I genuinely had a ‘usual’ (baked potato, hunners of butter, salt, pepper and a wee salad), or where I get greeted by name (unless it’s busy, or Mo isn’t working) so for those reasons alone, Taste is a personal favourite.

Priding themselves on being proper chefs and providing the lunchmonkeys of Glasgow with the possibility of a beautifully prepared and totally delicious hog roast, it’s expensive but gosh, I think it might just be worth it :)

The burrito is phenomenal, the baked tatties are pretty much always light and fluffy, the salad boxes are delicious.  My friend Andy pretty much always has a soup (when he’s not accidentally throwing it over his colleagues) and the times I’ve had it, it’s really great!

I’ve had more Taste lunches in the last year than not and that’s due mostly to the delicious food but in part because Nick, Kiddy and Mo are excellent! Opposite Sainsburies on Sauchiehall St – stop by and have a hog roast with all the trimmings, it’s well yummy :)

More on lunching in Glasgow to follow!