Chocolate truffle cake heaven – Recipe!

Every now and then a pudding so mind blowingly delicious enters stage left and melts all over your face. This pudding is just such a piece of fabulousness.

Courtesy of my favourite lady cook, the delectable Nigella, I picked this recipe for the recent version of ‘Come Dine with Me’ we’ve been running at work.  I knew I wanted something rich and delicious because frankly – the weather is miserable and you need a treat when it’s dark outside.


Super easy to make, barely any baking required (just the use of a fully functioning fridge really), this one is a winner and makes you feel like a proper amazing hostess serving it up to your lovely guests :)

With a delicious and slightly gooey meringue base, the filling is melted dark chocolate, rum, golden syrup and cocoa powder mixed with whipped double cream and whacked in the fridge for a day or two before covering in a light powder of cocoa powder and serving to your unsuspecting guests.

I served mine with more cream (surely there can never be enough creamery?) but I think it would be pretty delicious with blueberries.  It’s rich, tastes like rum truffle and is extraordinarily scrummy.

To get the full Nigella recipe just click here:  Nigella is yummy