Where the Monkey Sleeps, Glasgow

Right, I’ve mentioned Taste on Sauchiehall Street but there’s no way I can talk about lunching in Glasgow without mentioning my first sandwich shop love which is the rock and roll child of Black Sabbath and tasty sarnies (if that was at all possible).

Where the Monkey Sleeps is an established and super popular sandwich shop on West Regent Street and is a mecca for suited office types and hipsters alike, it’s also a hangout for bike couriers stopping for a break in their day. Everyone loves the Monkey!

The best thing about it has to be the food – otherwise why would I be talking about it?! The range and extent of the paninis and sarnies is staggering and I love the fact the menu takes up half the wall.  The soup is also a treat and used to be my lunch of choice, unless I was going for a panini in which case I can chart my Monkey lunch career by way of a Lovely Nancy (Mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil) circa 2009, a Loggins (Goat’s cheese, chargrilled peppers, olives, red onion, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, rosemary oil and balsamic vinegar), 2009-10 and then the arrival into my life of all time yummy favourite – a Stoofa (Roast chicken, red onion, mayo, sage, thyme, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice) which basically carried me through until I stopped going after I went on a massively inconvenient but ultra cool diet.  Monkey doesn’t have many candida diet friendly things on their menu but they are waaay to cool for that so I forgive them entirely :)

Anyway I’ve recently started going back, mostly because I fell off the diet wagon and that my occasional Greek lunching companions have a strong obsession with their soup and sandwich deal (£4.50 for a bowl and a sarnie). So the Monkey came back into my life and that, frankly was a delight.

Since this blog is about food, I haven’t even started talking about how cool the Monkey is on the inside, with perma-blasting heavy metal, books, old comics and random STUFF on the shelves and a fully amazingly decorated loo (think the long term cell of a deranged newspaper clipping obsessionist) – popping down those steps and into the world of Monkey is double fun.

The only problem I have ever had with Where the Monkey Sleeps is the time it takes to get your scran if you are taking away (it’s also a little on the pricey side). Because they are super popular, and the kitchen is always busy, you can wait up to 15 minutes to get your lunch if it’s not just a soup or premade sandwich.  Your best bet is to take a seat on one of the randomly assorted sofas and tables and sit in, you shall not regret it.

Check out the Monkey menu by clicking ooohMONKEYyouareyummy

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