Brunch at the Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow

Sunday= brunchtime.  Wondering where to go for some late lunch on a rainy Sunday and it was a toss up between The Ubiquitous Chip and the mucho revamped Curlers Rest in the Westend.  Bit late in the day to guarantee a tasty choice in roast dinners at Curlers so we decided to head to Ashton Lane and the Chip.

I was weirdly unimpressed by the menu choices, I’ve never actually eaten at the Chip (unless a cheese board counts) but it has such a reputation for amazingness and I expected the menu to ooze Westend classiness. In the event of sitting down and looking it over, it struck me as being uber wordy and not at all what I was after.  However, I was hungry so we manned up and picked…

Veggie breakfast for me and fish finger and smoked egg ciabata for Calum with a side of chips for good measure. I was called Miss by the waitress when she double checked I was really swapping mushroom (a vegetable) for black pudding (definitely not a vegetable) and I have to say, I quite liked it, ‘sorry Miss, what did you want to change with the vegetarian breakfast?’ Miss, heehee :)

The food came looking outstanding - particularly the ciabata which boasted fish fingers most unlike Captain Birdseye’s best and really rather crunchy perfect. Calum liked them very much, not so fussed myself but each to their own – they had a thumbs up from the man who ordered ‘em.  My breakfast came looking quite tasty, fried eggs hiding some black pudding and a tremendous vegetarian haggis, nicely grilled tomatoes, 2 tattie scones, a tomato chutney and a fruit pudding/ duff/ clootie dumpling.  Tastearama. All in all it was a good breakfast but something was a bit missing – I think if I had to put my finger on it might have been toast! Or perhaps bacon, or the fact I didn’t get a choice on the eggs – fried?  Come on, I like ‘em poached!

I should mention that the chips were utterly fabulous – like chip cut roast potatoes – no skinny fries for the Chip – beautiful, fat, chunky chips mmmmmmm. Quite pricey at £3.45   but purty damn tasty.

Okay so I’ve done the food – now for the service.  Ah, it’s tricky isn’t it, you order something and it just doesn’t come, what do you do?! Well our innate Britishness and the fact we didn’t care too much meant we didn’t bother saying anything the first time.  It’s okay, we didn’t really want that coffee we asked for…  However when we ordered a coffee and an Irish coffee after the meal and 20 minutes later it still hadn’t come, I had to ask.  And miraculously, it arrived, moments later.  How annoying.  Yes the coffee was very nice, the Irish coffee was creamy and delicious but, why couldn’t it just come in a timely fashion? Oh balls.

So, to sum up: gorgeous setting, properly lovely pub with a warm, friendly atmosphere, candles, fire, cosy on a winters afternoon, the chips were a highlight, the Irish coffee (though late) was scrummers, breakfast was okay and the fish finger cibatta was very enjoyable.  Only let down was the forgotten coffee!  Three and a half yumyums out of five for Sunday brunch at the Chip :)

Note: I like the Scottishness of the Chip, the map on the chalk board showing where things on the menu are sourced from is a stroke of genius but! I think they’re missing a trick not having Stornoway black pudding on there – go on, stick the Isle of Lewis on the map please :)

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