Glasgow Christmas market

Woop! Can I hear a sleigh bell or two aringing?  Yes, it’s true – we’re officially in December and therefore, it’s officially time to start eating and buying and feeling all peace and good will to all man and woman about it. And of course, it’s time for the Christmas markets to trundle out again.Russian doll stall at Glasgow Christmas Market

In theory I am a fan of the Christmas market although sometimes I feel like it’s all a bit plasticy and formulaic – this was super evident when comparing my recent visit to the vast Christmas markets in Manchester and the wee baby at the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow. Much the same things being sold – felt hats, pretty jewelry, pretend Munich beer garden experiences and an awful lot of food. It would be nice if things felt a bit more local and village fetey but frankly when it’s a cold crisp day and you are taking your time with a hot mug of steaming mulled wine, you can’t go wrong!

So, Glasgow’s Crimble Market… first off I can confirm that t’was tres international in flavour.  From Greek to Italian, to Dutch to French and South African it had a taste of everything but what was really missing was a nice hog roast roll and haggis for a bit of a Scottish take on things.

Burger of venison with onions

However I wasn’t complaining and after a slow stroll around to suss out the options I swooped and made my pick… Venison burger – with fried onions – OMActual it was delicious!

I scoffed it down in the freezing cold sunshine day along with all the other busy shoppers and random junkies (they weren’t scoffing, just swaying). Total winner!  The guy that served me gave me hunners of onions and I also rewarded myself for having a successful day of taking it easy with a generous dollop of tomato sauce. Yums.

Of course if I was being a picky ratbag, I’d say it would be nice to have a choice in type of roll (this was was your standard soft white).  It worked with a white roll as you can see but brown would have been nice too (just saying white bread world, just saying!!).

The best macaroons in the world

Anyways, after that particular treat, I really wanted something else to tickle my tastebuds so I was pretty much set on buying those wee Dutch pancakes with icing sugar and lemon on them – heavenly.  However, I was intrigued firstly by the awesome smell and secondly by the bold claim of the man selling freshly made (in front of your eyes) macaroons… the best in the world? How could I resist?  So I took home my toasty warm macaroon and promptly made a vlog about how good it was.  Yes, really, it’s actually come to that.  I’ve entered the world of the videolog.  Yikes! Click here to watch the macaroon fest.

Anyways, the Christmas market has offered all it could for me, I came, I admired, I smelled the delicious cooking smells and finally I boarded the underground happy and full of Christmas cheer.  Took a few more snaps of my foodular adventure and hope to visit again very soon – I have my eye on a furry hat that makes me look like a villainous Bond girl.  Hurrah!  Laters food bunnies :)












Oat smoked garlic bulbs – now why didn’t I buy one of these?!

Italian stall at Glasgow Christmas Market












Mmmm Italian chocolates and a very sweet smile from this charmer, this signorina wasn’t buying.

Dutch stall at Glasgow Christmas Market












Dutch stuff, can’t really remember what they were selling but nice Christmas sentiment!

Greek stall at Glasgow Christmas Market












Greek things – many Greek things (and some Italian stuff too for good measure!)

Meat stall at Glasgow Christmas Market












Meat, all manner of meat – including a tasty venison burger – mucho recommended meat fans.

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Yours in yumminess,