Chinaskis, Glasgow pub

I have so many good things to say about Chinaskis I don’t entirely know where to begin. Not only is it a fantastic summer pub with its great outside area at the back but it is PERFECT on a cold winter day because it’s just so welcoming and cosy.  The staff are super friendly, the drinks are fabulous and the food….. well, I think it’s just about my favourite pub to eat out in all of Glasgow… How terribly bold of me, what a claim!

Firstly, can I please bring your attention to the Chinaskis burger.  As you can see it’s Chinaskis burger Glasgow pretty large, one of those almost too big to be eaten burgers that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment.  This one, I would contend is the best. A great grilled beef patty, montery jack cheese, jalapenos, a giant crispy onion ring (amazing), chorizo, tomato and gherkins on a toasted bun.  It comes skewered down the middle to hold it in place with a side of fries and the whole plate just looks fantastic – beautifully presented and utterly delicious :) The gerkins have great bite, the burger is full and juicy, the onion ring is flipping fab, even the bun is a winner.  I would totally recommend that you eat this burger next time you are in Chinaskis - you will not regret it!

Before you gallop off to eat said delicious burger however, I should let you know that there are some other awesome treats on the menu.  Since ’tis the season you could try the special Christmas burger –  turkey patty with a whole heap of stuffing and cranberry sauce – comes complete with a sausage wrapped in bacon on top.  I personally found this one to be a lesser treat than the Chinaskis but it was pretty tasty all the same.

My most recent OMG moment though was the sticky ribs – available as a starter or a main (I’ve had both, but not in the same meal!).  As a starter they were fall off the bone tender meat covered in a thoroughly tasty barbecue sauce and served with a side of coleslaw.  These literally blew my socks off.  As a main I think I was possibly too full to properly enjoy the ribsarama plate – the main included many, many succulently tender ribs, coleslaw, corn on the cob and skinny fries. Sadly because I was… ahem… very drunk at the time neither Calum or I can remember what we had as a starter but whatever it was – I loved it because it filled me right up! Note: I just remembered my starter – the prawn tempura; crispy, also very tender, fat and juicy with just the yummiest sweet chilli sauce.  (Calum’s starter is still lost in the mists of wine!)

Since I mentioned it above, the wine also was fabulous, the barman was on particular form and gave me some winey tasters to see which kind I’d like.  The Merlot was fabulous and I had a fair few large glasses to polish off my yummy meal.  I should also mention that the pre-dinner gin and soda water with fresh lime was fantastic and I’m reliably informed by the company that the g&t also hit the spot after a long week at work.

In the last year or so, I have eaten my fair share of Chinaskis meals, and sampled plenty of their cellar.  This summer it was mostly mojitos, this winter, there have been many a bloody Mary partaken of.  Once again, on a cold and miserable Friday, Chinaskis delivered yet another super dooper evening of food and drink.

I didn’t have pudding on my last trip but I should let you know – the chocolate brownie?  Yumyum approved!  Chinaskis, I wish you were my local :) I actually love you.

The photos below reveal not only my unhealthy obsession with taking pictures of my food but also – how delicious does this lot look!

Sticker ribs, Chinaskis, Glasgow
Sticky ribs starter, Chinaskis
Bread and dips Chinaskis, Glasgow
Bread and dips at Chinaskis. Fab tapenade, beaut homemade humus and pita breads
Steak pie from Chinaskis, Glasgow
Steak pie and chips

The Christmas burger, Chinaskis style
The Christmas burger, Chinaskis style
Bloody Mary Glasgow
Le Bloody Mary


Chocolate brownie, Chianskis, Glasgow
Chocolate brownie heaven