Soba – city centre update

Bar Soba – I love this place, I actually just love it.  Popped in last night for some post pub dinner and picked the Soba classic Nasi Goreng.  Now, I’ve reviewed Soba before right here and absolutely ages ago. I had the exact same meal but there’s news….

They changed the Nasi Gorgeng – again! Yes, it’s happened, no longer served with a fried egg, instead it comes with cold salad and a cold omelette   I don’t mean to be a whiney baby but, uh – what?!   Yes, yes it was tasty – the rice was deliciously sticky, the chicken skewers and the satay sauce were divine but the cold ommelette whatsit?  Hmm, no thanks.  Funny because we talked to the guy behind the bar and whenever he has the meal he makes the chef serve it with a fried egg on top because, ‘that’s how it supposed to be’.  So glad I’m not the only moaner ;) Calum’s meal was Singapore Noodles, came in a misleadingly small, steaming bowl and the general impression seemed to be one of happiness :) In one short sentence? ‘It was hard to finish because there was so much, packed with vegetables and juicy flavours it was really delicious’.

So, once again Soba matched up to the yum factor.  Yes I would prefer old school Nasi Goreng and perhaps the house red was a bit meh but thank you Soba, you filled me right up. Yums!