Bagel Mania, Sauchiehall Street

Oooh, sometimes you just can’t quite get your breakfast sh*t together right?! Well, this morning I didn’t so I got myself along to Bagel Mania on Sauchiehall Street before work for a wee breakfast bagel to pick me right up.

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel – come to me now!

Five minutes from my office, Bagel Mania does, as you would expect, bagels as well as more Glasgow style paninis and other yumminess all day. There’s an Americany theme with your bagel options ranging far and wide. Even before you think of a topping you gots to decide on the type of bagel; sesame, poppy,¬†jalapeno, plain – mmmmmm the list goes on. This cold dark Monday morning, I opted for a bacon, egg and cheese on a wholemeal bagel, with a latte to go and scoff at my desk. Truly epic breakfast!

The staff are no nonsense, the choice is excellent and the food in the deli counter all looks super fresh. They also offer freshly squeezed juices and a variety of fancy crisps. The only down side is the seating – it’s not really designed to be a proper sit in cafe and the prices are perhaps a little on the high side. My bagel was ¬£2.99 but yum, I will pay to eat it again!

Only other sad thing is that I don’t think the cakes and muffins are made on site – correct me if I’m wrong Bagel Mania but I think they are just bought in and while that’s probably jolly tasty, when you have somewhere like Vanilla Black up the road with their fresh cakes, that bit’s hard to compete with cakerly speaking.

However, that wasn’t meant to be a downer – this place is awesome, I love their bagels, I love the way they wrap them in brown paper and I love getting my breakfast from there. Yum!

Ooh, bagelly
Bagel Mania – they do bagels.