Living Room, St Vincent Street

When I first discovered the Living Room on St Vincent Street I was excited – what a lovely bar, great cocktails and friendly staff.  Then I tried the food and was suitably impressed.  I was however, a few visits in and found to my shock that it’s actually a chain of restaurants.  There are more Living Rooms in the world!   I suppose chains remind me of Pizza Hut or Subway – nasty food and crap service but how wrong I have been because this particular Living Room is acers.

I don’t even know where to begin because I have eaten here many times (the loyalty card gives you a tasty 20% discount which makes you feel like you may as well have the pudding as well right?!).  I should probably start with the wine, last night we had a bottle of Argentinian Malbec – one of my favourites. Really delicious, it had a really great smell and the taste was full and glorious.  Yea, I’m no wine critic but it I know what I like!

I could happily dive into a baked Camembert. Yes I could!

Okay, so the starter – I get the same every time (although once I had the roast pepper and tomato risotto which was tip top), however, I digress – the best starter is the baked Camembert with bread and a tomato chutney.  Cracked pepper, rock salt over a hot melty cheese served for your utter delectation – my word, it don’t half go well with the wine!  This is definitely a starter to share – one person alone could not conquer that cheese (although I do give it an awfully good go).

Mains are tremendous – beautifully presented and served tasty by staff who are on top of their game – they know their stuff and while there is an element of upselling (would you like a side salad or chips with that?) I forgive because the food is scrummy. Last night I had the trio of pork.  I wasn’t sure what to get but Calum made my mind up for me (decision making skills after a day at work are at an all time low), I’m glad he did!  Pancetta wrapped pork fillet, crispy pork belly and Bury black pudding with a sage and garlic mash and apple sauce – hello yummy plate.  The crackling on the pork belly was out of this world, the gravy delicious, the mash tres yummy.  Only issue?  The black pudding was over cooked in my opinion – a little bit too hard to really get involved in the mash and apple sauce but still a lovely plate of scran.

I haven’t got to the smoked haddock and mash – supremly tasty from all counts. Then there’s the puddings?! OMG – heavenly chocolates, crazy good Eton Mess and finished off with an Irish coffee with cream and you have yourself a wickedly yummers night of tasty food in Glasgow town.

Downs: It is expensive

Ups: It’s flipping delicious

Another up: They have a pianist on sometimes and he’s great, they also have a magician at weekends and his tricks are cool.  Gotta love a spot of magic with yer tea people.

The Living Room? Utterly Yumyum approved and then some.  Now when are you taking me?

Predictably I will drink your Malbec and Pinotage cellars dry
My tea, was porky, and delicious – a trio of pork with mash, apple sauce and gravy. Hello!
Smoked haddock and mash – creamy.
Venison ‘shepherd’s pie’ with chestnut Savoy cabbage. The cabbage had roast chestnuts in it. Bonkers but surprisingly good.