The best lunch panini in Glasgow, Wisdom Cafe

Well, every now and then I have to accept I am wrong. It’s true! Sometimes I am! In the case of Wisdom Cafe, I have been proven to be just that – utterly incorrect. I went out for office lunch to somewhere I was assured was ‘amazing’ – the billing was high and I thought the place failed on all counts, roundly berating my long suffering lunch fellows (sorry chaps!). Well, I think the fact I was trying to stick to the Candida diet again and not eating wheat or sugar or anything nice, my plain soup was pretty lame.

Then! I fell off the wagon, I’m back on the wheat, I’m back on the flipping everything and I had the greatest panini this side of the Clyde.

Wisdom Cafe is right on Charing Cross, opposite Tay House at the end of Bath Street – also right next to lap dancing club Seventh Heaven (nice). With cosy booths, lunch deals and at least 2 soup options every day, Wisdom is fast replacing Taste as my new destination for lunch. I think I went 3 out of 5 days last week! The paninis are where the taste sensation is at and I suspect I will only be able to go while forgoing my healthy eating plans. Because….
Chicken, mozzarella, chorizo and chilli jam, in a hot, meltingly delicious panini is literally lunch time heaven. It completely rocks my world. Really, I’m serious – look at this thing….

Panini lunch
Hands down best lunchtime panini I have ever eaten.

The chilli jam is genius, I need to find out if they make it or if it’s bought in. The mozzarella is just melty enough and each and every bite is really rather amazing. I had to share the last one in the shop the other day and although the chicken and vegetable one I had was tasty – it paled in significance! I’ve also tried the turkey, pastrami and chilli jam one and it is equally yumbo.

The soups are also, despite my first visit disappointment, very tasty – they had a great sweet potato with coconut affair on the other day and that was tip top. For those of you who prefer a traditional lentil soup or maybe a wee cheeky tomato, they are all regulars on the menu so you should be sated :)

The panini and soup option is usually what I have, at £4.50 I guess it’s pricey but boy it’s filling and it does seriously satisfy. If you can get a booth (you kind of have to be early), you will have a fab seat for the eating of a truly tasty lunch. Try it. I did and I stand corrected – it is amazing!

A lunch special to blow your mind – honestly, doesn’t it sound good?!
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