It’s all Greek to me – Yiamas Taverna, Glasgow

Well, if you told me two weeks ago that a kebab with chips in would make it on to Yumyum, I may well have called you a liar.  Now, instead I shall hail you as a jolly clever chap with delicious taste in food.  As you will by now have realised, I do like to eat yummy things – I missed out on the office Burns Night this year (my fault, unorganised) so while the pub emptied of colleagues heading for haggis, neeps and tatties – I busted Nik the Greek’s educational trip to Yiamas on Bath Street and tagged along with David, Chris and Angus to taste the Greek wares of this relatively new restaurant on Bath Street.

A fruity little number

Wine was promptly ordered – Greek wine no less and I gots to tell you, it was pretty good – a light fruity number with the occasional note of buckfast (David), it went down beautifully and was bound to have been miles better than Chris’s Irn Bru!

So, first of all, it is not a super posh destination – this place offers really good food, efficient service and hunners of Greek food.  The menu was pretty substantial and I was at a bit of a loss so in the end we all got the same thing – pita giros.  I don’t even know if this was on the menu but all five of us ordered on Nik’s say-so.  Apparently this is proper student food and I can see why – these bad boys had everything and while I feel a little exageratey writing a blog about the fact we ate one thing – what a one thing we ate…

Greek – Glasgow style

So picture if you will: Pita bread (soft and firm), surrounding paprika marinated kebab style pork, red onions, tzatziki, tomatoes, humus and peppers and a touch of greenery. Oh and chips; skinny fries if you will – right smack bang in the middle.  Sound amazing?  Tastes even better. Now I only ordered one – the gentlemen practically all had two each and reported the second to be equally delicious – I wish I’d ordered two!  I also wussed out in a pretty girly fashion by asking for my tzatziki come on the side.  I was concerned about quite how garlicky I was going to be after this treat but was convinced by the amazing little pot of beautifully made, creamy, cooling tzatziki I was presented with – come on, whack it on your meal and enjoy it.  So I did. Very much.  Now to ensure I’m giving you a fair review I thought it only right to let the chaps give you their word on this particular treat too.   I think each comment says a lot about them…

It’s a dirty treat but somehow it feels fresh – David

The structural integrity remains intact throughout the eating – Chris

I’m getting tomatos, paprika and heat – Angus

And they’re all right! In their own way because, yes this feels like a dirty treat (there’s chips in it for goodness sake!) and yes you do marvel at how the pita holds its form as you chow down and finally mmmm, yes, you do get those flavours Angus and mighty fine they are too.

So, all in all a successful Greek adventure, this restaurant is a family affair, and seems to attract actual Greeks which has to be a good sign right?  I would say it was depressingly was quiet for a Thursday and the downstairs only had a couple of tables of diners.  There is also a big space upstairs for private dining and I guess on a busy day this would be a bustling, dare I say it authentical little restaurant - I will definitely be back and next time, I’m eating two and the tzatziki is coming as part and parcel of my new favourite kebab!