Rice flour pancakes – wheat free and delicious

Shouldn’t everyday be pancake day? Shrove Tuesday marks the beginning of Lent – time to use up all the sugar and yum stuff in your house you see. Now I’m not massively into my Lent, I am however hugely into pancakes and since we were popping round to a friends house for mince and tatties, I thought it was only right to make up a mix of pancake and take it over for frying at his.

Because I am once again trying to kick the sugar and the wheat with the candida diet, I wanted to pick a recipe that would cut out the crap I’m trying to avoid. So, a spot of raking through the cupboards and I found some rice flour, Dr Google came to the rescue with a another food blog and a super easy, totally wheat free recipe.

2 large eggs
3 tablespoons sugar (I used Stevia plant sugar)
10 tablespoons rice flour
pinch of salt
1/3 cup milk (I used a lacto free one)
1/4 cup water

Mix this little lot up and leave to rest before cooking in a frying pan and tossing to perfection. ;) I served these with a choice of lemon and sugar (a classic), ice cream or maple syrup – cover yours in whatever floats your boat and enjoy.

NB.It’s the most fun frying pancakes, the first one in the pan always sticks and gets messy but from then on it’s plain sailing and lots of frying and flipping fun. Happy pancakes people :) Check out this aptly named blog for the full recipe: yummysupper.com