The Wee Curry Shop, yummers Indian food in Glasgow town

Indian food can be done blandly, or it can be done with style and delectable, deeply flavourful expertise. For the record, the Wee curry shop does it that way. By some freakish act of circumstance in the 13 years I’ve lived in Glasgow I have never actually eaten in the Wee curry shop, ever and I’m not even sure why. Friday however, with my Auntie up to visit the big smoke from Englandshire, we booked an early table and ordered.

The first thing that struck me was the perfectly formed menu – not so large that you are spoiled for choice and not so little that you wonder where the rest of the options are hiding.

Pakora of glory

So starters, I went for vegetable pakora which was really the best choice and my dinner partners totally had food envy (I shared obvs!). Served hot, hot, hot with a wee side of salad, a delicious sweet chilli dip and a wedge of lemon for squeezing, they were numerous and scrumptious. The two other starters were a gorgeous spiced haddock – wrapped in foiled, a perfectly cooked piece of fresh fish steeped in numerous and tasty spices it got a total thumbs up. The last one was a mushroom and prawn poori – tasty but came as a bit of a surprise – to Nickie as it looked a little like a crepe. Bit random?

Chicken tikka – with added walnuts

To the mains! I went for a Chicken Tiki Makni – yum chickeny chicken served with a delightfully creamy, mild sauce and topped with a walnut (yes, a walnut), this curry was from the korma school really. I am a wuss when it comes to major spice but this was very, very good. Served with boiled basmati rice (mmmm healthy) and raita bread, it was a tastarama treat on a plate and I was very pleased with my order :) Calum and Nickie both picked the same main course as they were seeking a kick. They got it in the form of a chilli garlic chicken curry complete with whole garlic cloves by the truckload. Properly spicy with a growing assault of heat upon the senses it rocked, Indian style.

Chilli GARLIC chicken

There are three Wee Curry Shop’s in Glasgow – we went to the tiny, perfectly formed one in town on Buccleuch Street, apparently been there for 17 years (reliably informed by the super friendly waiter), there’s not really much room to swing a cat but the food was a taste sensation, the wine was good, the service was fabulous. Yumyum? And how! How could you say no to an Indian meal on a Friday night? :)