Homemade muesli recipe

If, like me, you have been blessed with a Mum that is a whiz in the kitchen, I’m sure there are many a tasty treat you recall from childhood.  One of those, which I revisit every now and then is a great breakfast treat (and in truth any time of the day snack), is my Mum’s awesome muesli recipe.  Muesli is one of those things that can often (I find), taste a little like sawdust. The market has boomed in recent years with muesli’s and granola’s of all taste, flavours and deliciousness have taken over the supermarket shelves many of seriously expensive breakfasty price tags. What drives me mad is seeing how much sugar is added to the muesli on the supermarket shelves.  Just plain old sugar, for which there is no need.  Add honey, add maple syrup, at least they would add a teensy health benefit or two.

Anyway, if you have the time and and inclination to create your own healthy breakfast option, I recommend making your own.  Why not! Now the notion took me on a wander round the supermarket.  Instead of buying a pricey box of the stuff, I’ll make it. On a cost basis, perhaps its not the cheapest option but I’ve made a bucket load and pretty much done it from the random bits and pieces in my cupboards. I haven’t stuck faithfully to the recipe but I beilive that if you are game for trying stuff out – on the whole it’ll work.  And if it doesn’t? Ah, you’ve learned not to do it that way again :)

  • 4 cups rolled oats
  • three quarters of a cup brown sugar (optional candida diet people)

Half a cup each of:

  • desiccated coconut
  • wheatgerm (optional candida diet people)
  • Seseame seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • bran flakes (another candida diet optional)
  • chopped apricots
  • raisins and/ or sultanas or dates, or cranberries – whatever dried fruit you fancy. I should say that I try not to add too much fruit because it’s high sugar content – it’s tasty either way!
  • pecans/ almonds/ chopped nuts
  • sunflower oil, or olive oil if that’s what you have in
  • honey (maple syrup in a candida diet version)
  • vanilla essence (I don’t always add this, don’t cry if you don’t have any)


Mix the above in a large roasting tin.

Gently heat half a cup of sunflower oil with honey and a teaspoon of vanilla essence.  When mixed together add to the dry ingredients and stir well to ensure an even coating. Dry out in a low oven (I go for about 120 C) for approximately 15 minutes, turning every 5 or so. This smells like heaven during the cooking stage and reminds me of being little and have to wait until it was cool enough to scoff. :)

It doesn’t take long to make but you make plenty to last – the only thing is it’s so delicious, a bowl full never seems quite enough.  These days I have mine with goats milk but it tastes just as good with good old fashioned cows milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Enjoy!

I made this particular batch after a lovely day enjoying the sunshine.  It was bought to you by the album Passive me Aggressive you by Naked and Famous – the sound track of my baking day today.  :)