Cailins sushi, Glasgow

I’ve been fancying sushi a lot lately, my dream would be somewhere that delivers sushi, a large platter of assorted rices, seaweedy, fishy bites to my door.  So I could just eat the sushi! Eat the delicious sushi – however, no where seems to want to deliver to where I live.  Annoyingly I live in Glasgow takeaway equivalent of the Bermuda triangle and for some reason, even though we are super close to the West end, no one that cooks yummy food wants to deliver it to me!

However, since no one will deliver to me, I shall go to them – and Cailins sushi place on Glasgow’s Dumbarton Road is one such place that I can feasibly order from, and then march across the river to collect.  It’s an hour or more round trip if I take the tube one way but judging from the photos (and the accompanying taste… it’s worth it!

Great sushi, delicious flavours – now if only they could be persuaded to deliver to G51!